Opening Safely


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We are so excited to see you. To help you get ready for coming back to James’ Beach, think of it as if you’re preparing to go on an exciting vacation to some exotic destination; where you need to learn the unfamiliar native customs before you leave, and to take along items to keep you comfortable and safe.

So here’s our handy travel guide of what you can expect. Since we’ve all been sheltering in place, the idea of an exotic trip may just be what we all need. We’ve done our homework, so know that we’ll take good care of you. The food’s going to be wonderful, the drinks divine; so read this travel guide, keep your hands inside the boat and it’s off we go.


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Ensuring a safe, clean, and inviting environment is the core of our commitment to providing the highest level of hospitality. Before opening each day, we employ EPA-rated hospital-grade disinfectants in all areas. We also clean faucets, handles, and other guest accessible surfaces on a frequent schedule. Masks! You’ll need to properly wear a mask/face covering when you arrive and anytime you’re in James’ Beach and not sitting at your table, such as on the way to the bathroom*. If you forget we can provide one for a nominal fee. Our staff will be wearing them too (even in the kitchen) and anyone on our team directly interacting with you will have a face mask AND a face shield.

*Children under 2 or people with medical conditions that make wearing one hazardous are exempt.


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On your visit, please remember to stay 6 feet apart from those not in your party. We’ll have our team help guide you and will also have markings on the floor. To help us with the safe flow of guests, all members of your party must be present before seating, so we can bring you to the table all at the same time. Tables are spaced 6 feet apart* and booths have dividers, to allow for safety between guests. At this time, to comply with CA. Health Department guidelines, we must limit parties to a maximum of 6 people.

*All table spacing follows CA. Health Dept. guidelines for maximum safety.


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We love having your kids as guests. Please have them remain next to you at all times. This is to help with social distancing, which we know may be hard for little ones to understand. Please make sure they avoid touching people, not in your party or items that don’t belong to them. Let us know in advance if you need a booster chair. Kids over 2 also need to wear masks according to the CA. Health Department, until at the table.


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They are part of our families, but we have limited space and want to keep our furry friends comfortably distanced from other dogs and other guests. Please let us know if you intend to bring your furry family member. We will try to accommodate all of you including a water bowl on the floor (for them). No dogs on the chairs or booths, or feeding on the table. Please remember, you are responsible for their behavior.


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We have limited seating on our patio. Besides, we want to greet each guest with our full undivided attention, answer any questions, and guide them to their table; so we want to space out our guest’s arrival times. We, therefore, strongly recommend making reservations as this helps us with guest flow and capacity. We’ll take walk-ins if we can. The Health Department recommends keeping visits on the shorter side; for a period no more than 90 minutes for each reservation. Please keep this in mind, it’s for your safety.


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Let’s familiarize you with our customs and how to be safe while on your visit. When you arrive at the host stand, we bow, no handshaking; and part of our custom is that we will take your contact-free temperature, ask a few questions (like if you feel sick) and ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the restaurant. One of your party will write down their contact information for us (just in case). We’ll have hand sanitizer at our entrances for you to use before entering the restaurant.


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Each seating area is cleaned/sanitized between use. Your table will be set after you sit down, with carefully sanitized roll-ups, so we can keep things super clean. We’ll have sanitized water carafes and (later) opened wine bottles (if you order) at your table, as you’ll need to refill your glass. If you have leftovers, please ask us for a takeout container so you can fill it up. You’ll notice dividers between the booths and distance between tables following the Health dept. guidelines.


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We’ve been working on making our food the best, with new preparations and old favorites. Our menu is more compact, to allow for fewer people in the kitchen and social distancing. We’ll have either single-use recyclable paper menus, cleanable menus, and digital menus available via a QR code if you wish to order and even pay from our mobile-friendly menu.


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To create the safest experience, we try to give each table as much privacy as possible. After being seated by the host, our server will ask you for a drink order and answer any questions. We’ll bring plates to your table wearing gloves, masks, and face shields... You may not want us to reach over guests and get too close, so IF YOU WISH, please let us know and when we deliver dishes, we will place dishes at the table’s end. Then, please take dishes and place them in front of you or hand to the person seated next to you. If you want anything removed, please put it back near the end of the table. If you need anything or extra help, please wave over the server or manager.


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A staff member will be happy to show you the bathrooms in our clubhouse. Our bathroom ritual includes making sure to have your mask on when you leave your table. When you get to the bathroom door there will be a sanitizer dispenser to use before you touch anything. After you're done, please wash hands (of course) but also, after you leave, please sanitize your hands again and return to your table. We’ll stay and sanitize the room for the next guest.


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Please understand that we only accept cashless transactions. You may pay with a credit/debit card or virtually by entering your card to your check on your phone when you order from our website menu at your table. When we return your credit card and a pen with gloved hands, we will wipe and sanitize both your card and the pen in your presence before handing them to you.


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Thank you for trusting us with your well being and your time here. We tried to fuse the fun and joy of dining at James’ Beach with the job of keeping our patrons safe. This we have done since we opened 24 years ago. The word restaurant comes from the Latin ‘restaurare‘ meaning to “renew”. We hope this helped to renew you.